Hello Monday

So since I’ve found myself with some time on this lovely Monday I decided to blog about something. The crazy part – I don’t realy have a whole lot to say so here is a list things of some stuff I’m loving right now and some stuff I’m looking at and thinking about:

1. A new snack obession. Seriously I didn’t know the goldfish company could hit it out of the park like this. These things are crazy goood and pretty inexpensive when on sale:

2. I want to sew one of these:

3. And one of these:

4. Might try baking these

5. Currently working on this!



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2 responses to “Hello Monday

  1. Krista Williams

    Love that apron!!! so many ruffflesss….i could squeal!

  2. myironingboard

    Love it! 🙂 Miss you girlie! I am going to try and bake that sweet breakfast casserole you made us (back in the day) for an upcoming get together! I am super excited to see what my friends think! Love ya and miss ya too!

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