What We’ve BEEN Eating…

I know I haven’t been quite on top of things as far as the weekly menu planning goes – hence the slightly different title for this entry. Oh I’ve planned the menus and shopped and even prepared and enjoyed a few of them. I just had a slight rebellious streak towards my blog (and I’ve been crazy busy for the past 2 weeks – seriously not so sure about the big girl job thing these days!). I would share last weeks menu with you now except that I threw it away in a moment of cleaning up paper and we were so busy we didn’t do so good sticking to it. Except for the Brussell Sprout Salad which was awesome good – I’ll definitely share the link to that one. Oh and if you go the farmers market and look at the price of brussell sprouts you might think it is an expensive salad – not at all though. We got about six servings from the salad and had enough brussells left over to roast some later in the week and all together I think the salad costs about $8 (that’s $1.33 per serving people!).

So on to this weeks menu:

  1. Cumin Crusted Pork Chops (no worries this won’t show up on next weeks lists – we made it last night)
  2. Chicken with Olives – another PW amazing dinner; my dad doesn’t like olives and he says this tastes good
  3. Mexican Cassarole – I think I’ll include the recipe here for you tomorrow.
  4. Sticky Chicky – a new favorite
  5. Pizza and Salad
  6. Ronnie Ribs
  7. Pancakes – I added these as I was typing bc Sunday night is always good for either fresh popcorn or pancakes.

And because I semi promised at the beginning Pineapple Brussell Sprout Salad


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