So good

Ok I know that I meant for this to be a cooking blog, but I don’t actually have to cook it to talk about it do I? I think not. Having established that business matter, let me tell you about the new ice cream I found (and by new I mean I just tried).

Ben and Jerry’s froyo ice cream is AMAZING. I’ve only tried the chocolate fudge brownie and if it is up to other people that may be all I try for a while. It’s especially sweet when it’s on sale.  So go to your nearest grocery and buy this stuff – it’s not as bad for you as the ice cream version, but tastes basically the same. Oh and it has live cultures just like yogurt! Another point to make is that if you are slightly lactose intolerant you should be able to handle the froyo better than ice cream because the cultures in yogurt are actually the cultures which help to break down lactose.

This stuff is amazing.


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  1. Cindy

    Yes, chocolate fudge brownie is yummmmy. No need to try something else when this is sooooo good.

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