Oops, a little life, and doughnuts

Ok I know I said something about being remiss and being better about blogging and having a good post lined up and all that good stuff – oops I was wrong. So to my faithful five readership I say this – thanks for being patient and waiting for this lovely posting and for not reminding me that I haven’t done it yet.

Here’s what I’ve been up to: ummm couple of trips to Nashville, reading somewhere between 10-12 books in a month, becoming addicted to hot tea (Tazo Awake since I know you were all dying to know), cooking, baking/decorating cookies, working and getting up way too early in the morning, grocery shopping, going to church, meeting people, and eating sushi. I’m sure there were some other things in there too, but sometimes I don’t remember them all and if I did then you might stop reading, if you haven’t all ready stopped reading.

Now the doughnuts. When Joy the Baker and Pioneer Woman suggest sharing these what they really mean is that if you don’t get them out of your house right away then you might be tempted to eat them all because they really are that amazing. All I’m saying is Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Doughnuts don’t got anything on my skills.

Anyways here is the recipe I used thanks to Joy the Baker. I made doughnuts with holes in the middle, doughnut holes, and lemon filled doughnuts. Instead of using any kind of glaze I used powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar (these were my favorite non lemon filled doughnuts). Do I recommend making these? Absolutely. Do I recommend having good family and friends who will eat them all for you so that you personally don’t gain 20 twenty pounds? Yes, yes I do.

So here are the pictures – seriously go make these. It’s time spent that you won’t regret until that exercise time has to be extended!

Getting all the ingredients ready for the kitchen aid.

After I let the dough rise for a little while. I know you are supposed to sprinkle flour on the top so that it doesn't dry out or stick to plastic, but I got a little carried away.

There seems to be a theme here - too much flour.

Get a good look at these doughnuts because I forgot to take a picture of them after the oil stage - I think I was too busy enjoying my lemon filled one. Just being honest with you.

Embrace the soon to be amazingness.

There is a real science to keeping the oil the right temperature - I'm not really sure what it is though. I just used the don't burn method.



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