A quick one

Once again I have been remiss in my blogging. Life got busy, I found some things to do, I’ve been busy in the kitchen, and somewhat uninspired to blog . All combined the result was a very lonely sad little bloggy. So I promise I’m working on a new post – it will  be exciting and worth the wait. Well maybe not worth a month plus wait, but it will be good – with lots of pretty pictures.

To keep you happy until it gets here though, I’ve got some pictures from my truffles I made at Christmas. I used the same recipe as I did here, but I decided to enrobe them in chocolate and add chopped hazelnuts on top. I then packaged them up in cute little boxes and gave them out as Christmas presents.

This little guy had a little too much chocolate covering, which gave him these cute little old man wrinkles.

Part of the 60 truffles I made.

I got this milk glass cake stand for graduation and decided it was time for it to have a photoshoot.

Such a cute little truffle.

I just love how the light was shining through the holes in the cakestand.


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