It’s snowing…

Well, at least it is on my blog! I opened up my blog the other day and lo and behold there were flurries. Since this is the only snow I plan on seeing this winter, I’m enjoying it.

Anyways, this post isn’t only about my snow, it also to show the cake that I made for my cousins birthday. I can’t lie – there was some stress in making this puppy, but now that my first stacked cake is over with I’m feeling much better with my abilities. The only thing I wasn’t wild about is that the bow got a little droopy because it rained all weekend and the humididty was crazy.

The top of the cake - ignore the cotton balls. They were to try and combat the droopy problem.

I love the curliecues and polka dots.


The whole cake all stacked up.

Another view

The cakes are covered in buttercream and all decorations are done with fondant. I think some of the droopiness could have been avoided if I had mixed the fondant with gum paste. Live and learn.



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3 responses to “It’s snowing…

  1. mylifebydesign

    this thing is straight up precious!!!

  2. this may be the girliest thing about u…I LOVE IT!

  3. myironingboard

    its beautiful!

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