Cranberry Walnut Boules

So I don’t really remember what number bread this is – walking to bread book to count recipes – ok number 11. As a side note I just saw a massive raccoon jump out of a tree and then turn around and climb another. Back to the bread. This enriched bread was very sweet in my opinion. I think it would make a nice holiday gifty bread, but not my favorite for just a normal day.

I did deviate from the recipe by not adding as much lemon extract as it called for and I am really glad I did so. I think this bread would have been way to lemony and not cranberry and walnuty at all had I used the amount called for. My grandparent’s liked this bread as did my dad, which was surprising since he doesn’t like lemon flavored stuff and sticks to the adage that “Lemon is for tea”.

As a side note to this bread, the week after I made it Publix was advertising the same bread in their circular and dang if it wasn’t $5 a loaf. I may seriously need to go into the bread baking business.

All the dry stuff.

Dry ingredients all measured out.

A little melted butter.

A little melted butter.

After the R&R.

After the R&R.


Getting ready to knead in all the cranberries and walnuts. This was a major operation because there were so many things to be worked into the dough that my poor mixer was feeling overwhelmed.


Getting ready for the first round of R&R.


Shaped into individual boules.


These loaves baked to a beautifil golden color.


Hmmm Christmas gifts maybe?

Next Up: English Muffins


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  1. mylifebydesign

    girl. i have already told you….the bread business needs us. done.

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