No worries…

No I didn’t get behind on my bread baking, I just ran out of time. I left a day after making Casatiello to go to Oregon for a wedding and a little vacation with the parentals. The wedding was wonderful and lots of fun and I even learned a new word: rediculum (it’s Canadian). I also ate a Maple Bacon doughnut from voodoo doughnuts. They are kind of famous in Oregon and while they may not sound yummy that thing was crazy good. Saw the high desert, mountains, forest, and the ocean/beach all in three days – it was intense.

So as soon as I got home, I washed my clothes, baked my bread, and then was kidnapped to Pcola to live with some friends for the rest of the week. We ate some yummy dinners, I read a book, we played video games, and met the school bus every day. We had a good time – we even baked a cake of a frog sitting on a lily pad surrounded by insects.

We had a birthday party yesterday and played with the new Wii. I slept in this morning and then did some yoga and worked on couponing and downloading pics all afternoon/night. Oh and there was a quick trip to Target thrown in for some kleenex and kashi products(which I bought both on sell and had a coupon for each item – it was awesome).

So no worries I hope to blog tomorrow about the Challah bread from last week  and prepare to make some ciabatta bread this week.


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