Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday Mr. Robin. Just like my card said I made you a cake and from what I hear it was yummy (the Mobile office of CSX Railroad celebrated your birthday) and included no peanut butter! I even left room for a few candles – I would however, recommend the number ones instead of the individual one in keeping with fire safety regulations and the fact that it’s a smaller cake! I know it may not seem very manly but it’s my 1st cake. Who knows maybe next year I will be able to do a golf cake or a runner!





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2 responses to “Happy Birthday to You!

  1. Robin Jolley


    Thank you very much for the “blue robin egg color” Birthday cake! I kind of wish you did make a chocolate, peanut butter w/nuts cake so I would not be so envious of the crew at CSX right now. Next year you will have to be closer so I can enjoy at least one piece!

    By the way it looks great for your first attempt – I can only imagine what next year’s version will bring – what can you think up for 59?

    Thanks again!

    Mr. Robin

  2. hahahha, that rainbow is LOOOVEELYY! will u make my next birthday cake? can it have fun stuff like harry potter wands, dragons, converse shoes…u know…all the stuff i like. PLEASE????? really, great job! i’m so impressed…but then again, your cooking always impresses me!

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