I love splurging sometimes…

Ahhhh….. I am trying to post a recipe a week these days, but the one I want to post is taking forever to write so for now you can enjoy a few life updates. Here goes:

  • Swine flu prevention is making my college crazy about germs: we can’t touch anything in the dining hall, we are santitizing like crazy people, sneezing is not ok, and we are cloroxing all computer keyboards and mouses (can you make the computer mouse plural?).
  • I have my big senior seminar presentation coming up and it will be good.
  • Only 2 weeks till graduation.
  • I love skippy natural creamy peanut butter – it has become my new favorite food obsession.
  • We have a big Spring weekend again this week at Converse: May Day, Ring Ceremony, and Spring Dance.
  • I bought a new dress and shoes today. The shoes were amazingly cheap and the dress was a splurge for the dance and for graduation. The ladies at work asked if I had a date to show off my new dress to and I told them no, but that’s ok because my dress is so amazing that a man is not necessary to complete the outfit!
  • I’m going on a special Saturday morning trip next weekend with my favorite girls – I can’t tell you what we are doing because we made a pact not to let out our secret (Maybe I can let it out after the big venture!)

Anyways, here are pics of my new goodies. Maybe I’ll get some more photos up after Saturday night. Sorry that the picture is so small but it’s the only one I can upload.


This is my dress and I love the detail on the bottom!

This is my dress and I love the detail on the bottom!




These are my amazing purple shoes!
These are my amazing purple shoes!

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  1. rachelhansenphotography

    nice!! i’m sad i’m not part of the secret wknd but u girls have tons of fun!!

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