A little Chinese dinner in Japan.

It’s been a while my friends. I was going to write about the Chinese potstickers I made a few weeks ago, but I just sat down to write and realized that my pictures are not with me and I can’t do the potstickers justice without some pics. Oh well hopefully later this week.

Anyways I decided to keep with the Chinese theme and therefore I thought I would share pictures of my Chinese dinner that I had in Japan. I will say that it was excellent, but I preferred the Japanese food. Chinese food is a bit oily and heavy and needless to say I think everyone was feeling the effects of this dinner.

When we were sitting down to order I noticed this lovely lady in front of my seat!

I promise we were not in a sleazy place. In fact this was close to a 4 or 5 star restaurant here in the States.

I promise we were not in a sleazy place. In fact this was close to a 4 or 5 star restaurant here in the States.

dscf0649  This was our first course: some raw squid in some kind of sauce in the little bowl, a shrimp with little eyes, a rice roll in rice paper, a rice roll with fish eggs, chicken with a peanut sauce, and four sweet black beans in a spoon.


dscf0650Sorry it is a bad photo, but this was our second course. It was a type of chicken broth with oil in it and some chunks of chicken meat and two mushrooms. The mushrooms were not very good because they were still a little dry. Not pictured is the swallows nest that was served on the side of the bowl. If you don’t know what a swallows nest is then check out this link.




Here is the third course: a shrimp and white mushroom dish in a butter sauce. AMAZING. I know this doesn’t look like a lot of food, but as you can see there are lots of courses and they start to add up after a while.


dscf0652Course number four: it’s a piece of pork in the middler, a quail egg, and chickpeas. They were in this sweet and salty sauce with black stringy stuff. I didn’t really care for the stringy stuff and I definitely didn’t eat the quail egg!






dscf0653 Course five: finger sandwiches! The little wrap had veggies in it and underneath the wrap is a ham sandwich. The sauce on the side is like jam made from sweet black beans. I know the picture has my stainless steel chopsticks in it, but I ended up using my fingers because it’s too hard to eat a little sandwich with two sticks without dropping it in your lap.

dscf0654Course six: a giant crab claw in a mayonaise sauce. I didn’t get to eat mine, but I hear it was wonderful. The Japanese people use mayo like we use ketchup. It’s different there and is a lot lighter and fluffier.


dscf0655 Course seven was my absolute favorite ! It was a very hot bowl of chicken broth, kale, and a potato. Then they added a crispy rice mixture that started crackling as soon as it hit the broth. This was the result and it was crazy amazing. I want to learn how to make this, and I found a recipe but I’m not sure where to get the crispy rice. The closest thing I can use to describe the cripsy rice would be a like a rice cake, but way better.

dscf0656This was course eight, also known as the last course. It is actually two different dishes, but I couldn’t decide which one I wanted so I tried both. First you start with a bowl of rice, and then you load it with the good stuff. The lighter colored was noodles, mushrooms, and tofu. It was a very buttery and salty tasting sauce. The red was a very spicy tofu dish (Rachel do you know the name of this?) It was really good. I never thought I would like tofu so much, but I could have eaten my weight in this if I hadn’t already had seven other courses!

Like I said earlier, this meal was excellent, but I definitely prefer Japanese cuisine.


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