Cheating in Tucalucca.

This past weekend, we kept my nephew Cole overnight.  He’s six, full of energy, likes to talk, and has been unfortunately led astray concerning the great world of college football. When he got to the house on Saturday night, he didn’t eat more than about 3 bites because he was so busy talking our ears off about everything. After dinner we all went to the store to get groceries and look at toys. All the way to the store he rocked us at the top of his lungs with what can only be described as ececletic music. I mean is it normal for 6 year olds to repeatedly sing MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This and that lovely version of jingle bells that talks about Batman and Robin and also mentions shotgun shells?

Amidst all the rocking and talking, he somehow discovered that there were a few Auburn fans in the house. He being a typical little Alabama fan decided to continually trash Auburn. Oh well, he’s only six – we can’t blame him for this gross miseducation. Moving on. While we were shopping, Cole and Papa John mangaed to find a new Transformer to play with and as soon as we got home they sat down and played together. We tried to get some pictures of them, but they didn’t want to have their picture taken because they didn’t want evidence that they needed to use the constructions to unfold the toy. Yes they used constructions and not instructions – that was not a typo. Eventful evening as you can tell.

On Sunday morning we all woke up and ate pancakes before church. Cole ate the most coming in around 8 cakes. I was impressed. After church we came home and Cole talked while we ate lunch, I assume the pancakes were still sticking, and the subject of football teams once again came up. Cole then preceeded to tell us that they Cheat in Tucalucca and that is how they win (Yes, I know it is Tuscaloosa, but that is a very big word to get right in the middle of a confession!). Being a good Auburn fan I of course already thought this, but hearing it from the Alabama faithful sealed the truth. Everyone was about fall off the seat laughing and Cole just continued right along by then saying that cheating was ok as long as you kept winning. Typical for a bama fan. Poor Papa John felt betrayed by his fellow fan, and I think the rest of us will be getting a good laugh for a while to come.

More to come later today/tomorrow: Blue Cheese Puff Pastry, Stir Fry, Chinese Potstickers, and Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Icing.


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