Magazines not needed.

I went home this weekend for my mom’s birthday and for the annual Arts and Crafts Festival. Arts and Crafts was lots of fun and I got a nice little sunburn to go with it. I also saw lots of people that I knew and got in some quality people watching time and let me tell you there where some good ones to look at. There were also lots of dog strollers for all the prissy little dogs – here is my take: if your dog is too prissy to walk then they don’t deserve to go to Arts and Crafts. Come people dog strollers that are nicer than most child strollers are bit to much. (That minature rave was for you Christy!) As Dr. Hughes would say though “I digress.”

On my way back to school yesterday I stopped off in Atlanta to visit a couple of the Jolleys. Christy has a new townhouse and I wanted to check it out. After a trying time at the local Trader Joes (how cool to live 10 minutes from Trader Joes!) I managed to get myself and the big white truck to the new pad. I got in and received the VIP tour (I think I’m important hence the VIP treatment). A short discussion ensued about left overs and then I got put to work.

Lest you think that the Jolley’s are slave drivers, I would like to point out that all I had to do was hang the new shower curtain – hence were the title of this post comes from. The new shower curtain is a map of the world thereby allowing all visitors to practice to pass the geography quiz. After much deliberation we decided that the map should face the toilet just in case you needed some reading material while visiting the loo. I think there was a good point made that making people study while in the shower would lead to longer showers, which would lead to more water being used and higer water bills. I think we were also being subconsicously green minded about the whole affair.

After the shower curtain was hung and a few more trinkets unpacked we went downstairs to eat some leftovers and have peanut butter cookies for dessert. We ate off of paper plates which was special and we used the new microwave to heat our dinner also a great experience. There were a few more discussions, some even about this blog, and a descision was reached that the Jolley’s now deserved their own category. Therefore, I have now added a Jolley category and all posts which are a result of all Jolley adventures will now be linked in said category. In fact please look for future posts about some possible Easter festivities. I’m thinking fuzzy bunnies and colorful eggs (and some good recipes of course!).

Have a Happy Monday and enjoy the (hopefully in your area) spring weather.


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  1. Cindy

    Whenever you get together with the Jolley girls ya’ll come up with the most unusual things! Can’t wait to see the infamous shower curtain! The Jolley’s have risen to new heights with their own category! Impressive.

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