Maybe it wasn’t just the cute little kids…

Ok…this is for the people who seemed to think that I did not put this in the last post. I finally decided to repost it in a special place just for you. And in case you were wondering, before you read this, I really did love the kids and even without the teacher’s presence I would have still named this one of my favorite moments from the trip. So is the original story which I stole from my last post:

I also feel that to do the kindergarten justice I must admit something about the teacher. Since a few people have already heard this story I guess I shouldn’t worry so much about another retelling. There was a teacher in the classroom who was a rather good looking teacher. He was mid-twenties, tall (an unusual trait for Japanese), medium sized, with good hair and a nice voice – I know this because he sang the panda song. I thought he was the best looking man we saw. Well, somehow my opinion became known to Ishida sensei, the gentleman in charge of our trip, and he offered to let me go back to the kindergarten early the next morning to take a picture with the teacher, whose name is Masahiro Sato. I was so happy, in fact I even made Sarah, the Japanese speaker in the group, practice her speech about wanting a picture. I would like to clarify that I have never even considered doing something like this ever in my life. So early the next morning Sarah and I set off from the dorm to the school. Sarah was along in case the teacher didn’t speak English, which was an unknown at this point. Well lo and behold nobody was at school. After thoroughly spying to see if we saw anyone we gave up, much to my disappointment, and went back to our room. We found out later in the afternoon that the flu had hit the school and therefore they had canceled all classes for the rest of the week. The one time in my life I decide to do something completely out of character, talk myself into it, actually walk to the place to go through with it, and the darn flu gets the better of me.


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  1. mylifebydesign

    yesssss. finally. courtney has admitted her love for the whole world wide web. in love at kindergarten.

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