Why Japan?

Ok I have decided to start writing about my Japan trip and after much consideration for my time and yours I have decided to write about topics instead of just writing about the whole trip which would take much to much time for me to write and I think people would not read all of it. Correction: my mom would read all of it because she is my mom and that’s what moms do. 

First I think it helps to understand what exactly I was doing in Japan. Converse has a trimester system, which means that the month of January is a complete semester and there are always lots of travel trips involved. Last spring when the trips were being announced I had decided that I wanted to go to Italy and Greece and then I could spend time with Krista and Caroline in a foreign country. It also helped that I had taken a few semesters of Italian and felt fully qualified to travel and be able to order food and find a bathroom. I’m also rather decent at saying hello and goodbye. As you can see I was destined for Italy.

However, before any concrete plans were made (this means money) I heard about this trip to Japan. It sounded neat and it had the added benefit of being a econ class so I could finish my major. After long consideration, something like 2 days, I decided that I could use my superior Italian language skills on another trip. I felt sure that I would never decide to travel to Japan all by myself on a whim. The decision was made and I bought my plane ticket.

The class I took was called Japanese Business Culture. The purpose of the trip was to give a basic knowledge of Japanese businesses and also to teach us the appropriate behaviors should we ever be involved in international business. I found the topic especially interesting since the Japanese are not exactly known for their female executives (read women are just now making it into the work place).

So in a very large nutshell that is how I ended up in Japan and why. Once again if you have any questions please let me know and I will try to address them in a future post.


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