I made a big commitment today: I bought a pair of interview shoes. It was a momentous thing. In fact it was such a big deal that for once in my life I couldn’t just buy the shoes without calling home for reassurances. I like them. Actually I love them. They are amazing. I think they make a good statement, something along the lines of I’m not 45 years old, but I still know how to be classy and fashionable. I think the girls will approve. Oh and I saw a pair of cowboy boots too! I put them on and it was fun, especially since I was wearing black tights. I think the Japanese people would have loved the look. Anyways, I put them back in exchange for some other more work appropriate shoes. Maybe next year I’ll own me some boots.

Here’s a link to my interview shoes:

And here’s the other shoes I got too (I think they are very Jackie O and Krista like!) Mine are actually an oat color with the camel color across the toes:

In other news I think I’ll start blogging about Japan tomorrow or the next day. I think it’s taken me a while to really processes the trip and get on a more normal sleep schedule. I’m also thinking about making potato soup for dinner this weekend so maybe I’ll get a few pictures of the process.



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3 responses to “commitment

  1. Cindy

    Can’t wait to see the shoes that caused so much angst! I hope this commitment leads to another commitment when you say “I accept this job!”

  2. Cindy

    Love the shoes! Good job. The second pair remind me of the red, white, and blue ones I tried on last summer in Dillards.

  3. mylifebydesign

    nice shoes girl! the first ones are whoa hot!! pretty proud of you!!

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