I love Japan, but not the keyboard on the computer. All of the punctuation keys are in the wrong place. I have had some interesting experiences so far such as eating raw squid, bathing in an onsen, eating a tradtional meal where you sit on the floor in a kimono and eat a ton of food. You also have to kneel and bow to enter. I have perfected the bow and greeting and I have spent a few days with royalty..and that is not a joke. I have learned the term for a cute guy and I have talked about the terms hot and sexy with two very kind Japanese gentlemen. That was by far a most interesting converation. Oh and I got a modern tour of Tokyo at night for a Polish guy! I have to run to change for dinner, but I hope to update again soon. If not well you will have to wait for winter break seeing as how i must fight jet lag and write a paper and put together a presentation upon returning to the states. If you have any questions please let me know and i will try to answer them.



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3 responses to “Japan

  1. Cindy

    Of course I want to know what you think of the quid and am curious about the royalty. A Polish guy in Japan huh? Can’t wait to talk to you and hear all about it.

  2. Susan Jolley

    Courtney, I’m thrilled that you’re having a great time in Japan. Can’t wait to hear more about it in person. Don’t run off with any Japanese men, OK? I hope you’re taking lots of pictures! I’m in Atlanta today. Christy just signed a contract on a home today, and wedding invitations for B & J went out yesterday. I have lots of stories for you, too!!!
    Continue taking in all that Japan has to offer!!! Have you seen any origami, by the way? Christy’s apt. is full of it. She has a daily calendar and makes one origami piece everyday. Japanese artwork is beautiful!

    • culinaryconversations

      Tell Christy I am so excited for her! I have not seen much oragami but if Christy knows where I could get an origami calendar back home in english that would be wonderful. I can]t wait to hear your stories and and show you lots of pictures. I would love to come up there at the end of the month. I promise to come home this time and not run off with any Japanese men. See you later.

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