Chinese food, lots of driving, and the domestic trinity…

I finally finished exams so now I’m just waiting to see what my grades are. I at least passed them all so I guess I’ll just go from there. Anyways, last night I went to PF Changs with Caroline, Amanda, Willie, and Ben. It was exciting. Dinner was good and we were having a good time and then this group of people came into the place and set up a random party table right behind us. It was a very eclectic group of people and there were lots of theories about who they were, we still don’t know, but there was man with them who was wearing a cowboy hat and he had a deer antler knife around his neck. He was quite entertaining. Unfortunately we were not able to secure a good picture of him, although it wasn’t for a lack of trying. After dinner Caroline and I headed back to Converse and watched The Matrix and made peppermint Joe-Joe milkshakes – all in all a good night. Oh and I stole chopsticks from PF Changs, which is a big deal because I’ve never stolen anything before. 

I had to wake up early this morning and pack up my car and head back to Fairhope for Christmas break. I went and saw Rachel first and talked to her and then headed towards Atlanta. I was a fairly good trip except that my Garmin, named Charlie, decided to die and my ipod got stuck underneath my seat and the only radio stations I could actually get were in Spanish. Oh well…I did go to Trader Joes though and bought some yummy treats for my family. I bought some Peppermint Joe-Joes’s which are like oreos but better, some sea salt chocolate, and then some pizza dough and lots of nuts. I love Trader-Joes!

Since I’m not working all the time over this break I have decided to learn a new skill – sewing. I bought a book on how to sew aprons and I’m going to get my Granmary to teach me how to sew. It’s part of my plan to achieve the domestic trinity – cooking, cleaning ,and sewing. I already know how to cook and clean so I only need this last skill. Hopefully my apron will turn out as nicely as the one in the cute little book. If I am able to get the skill then everyone is going to start getting aprons for their birthdays. If not then at least the book is still really cute.



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2 responses to “Chinese food, lots of driving, and the domestic trinity…

  1. caroline

    Joe joes.. gotta love them…. 🙂

  2. yay for visits at Grace. Todd and Tank (ashley’s housewarming gift plant) are doing well and growing quite fond of each other. It might be hard to separate them in coming days. come home safe…i mean, come back to spartanburg safely.

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