Thanksgiving, New Clothes, and Amazing Green Beans…

I know it has been a week since Thanksgiving, but I have been too busy to update this until now and well since it’s my site I guess I can update whenever. So Thanksgiving was very very different this year. It was the first time in 22 years that I haven’t been in Fairhope. I went to Charlotte and stayed with the Jolley’s and did the family things with them. I had fun, but nothing beats my own family. All in all it was a good day, but when I talked to my mom that afternoon we both decided that we were sad that we weren’t together and that we won’t be doing this next year. Anyways, one of my favorite things to do in Charlotte is go shopping and it was even more fun this time because I had a gift card…yippee. So I headed over to Loft to pick out some new clothes. I got some new sweaters and a new pencil skirt. I also got a new pea coat and that’s exciting too. Here’s one of my new outfitsdscf0397…that’s my new pencil skirt that I’m really excited about. I decided  that I need a few more skirts and then I’m going to get some boots and when I go to Japan I’m going to pack skirts and a boots because skirts aren’t very bulky and they won’t take up all of the space in my suitcase since I have to take a medium size suitcase for 2 and half weeks and I have to have business attire. Oh on a side note the game on the tv in the background is the Auburn/Alabama game. Normally I’m a good little fan who pays attention, but since my team wasn’t exactly doing well I decided to put on a little fashion show. I think I’m more interesting than the game was. Back to Thanksgiving shopping…I also got the first two seasons of The Office. I’ve been watching them while doing homework and it’s been fun. My favorite purchase though was definitely the candy cane joe-joes from Trader Joes. Peppemint Joe-Joes are only out after Thanksgiving and before Christmas so I was really excited. In case you were wondering Joe-Joes are like oreos but even better and Trader Joes is a smaller grocery store which sells amazing and unique food. Since this is about culinary stuff I did do some cooking for turkey day and I made up a new recipe. I like to call it “Courtney’s Amazing Green Beans” they are fresh green beans and they’re very healthy so enjoy!



  • 1 garlic clove roasted
  • pine nuts
  • green beans
  • 1 lemon
  • salt
  • pepper




  • Cut off the top of the garlic and wrap it in foil. Drizzle the top with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake in the oven at 400 for about 10-15 minutes. This is how ydscf0393ou roast the garlic. Once it’s roasted it should pop right out of the skin.
  • In a pan heat up the olive oil and then add in the pine nuts and smash the garlic and add into the pan. Cook for a few minutes until the pine nuts start to get roasted and brown.
  • Cook the beans for a few minutes either in the microwave or drop them in boiling water for a few just to get them edible.
  • Mix the beans in with the pine nuts and stir together while still on the stove. Squeeze the juice from the lemon over the beans and add salt and pepper to taste. 
  • Heat and make sure the beans are fully cooked and then enjoy.


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2 responses to “Thanksgiving, New Clothes, and Amazing Green Beans…

  1. beans………………

  2. Cindy Marshall

    The cook is looking cute in her new clothes!

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