Culinary Conversations

So I have finally started a blog…I believe Rachel will be throughly surprised since I am not a big writer. 
Anyways, my blog is mostly for me to post recipes since people are always asking for their own copy and this is an easy way to share them. Please feel free to copy and use anything I post up here. I hope you have as much fun making and sharing them as I do.

I chose the the title of Culinary Conversations, because I believe that food is more that just food, but that it is something that teaches people to converse and gives people a time to get to know each other in a wonderful environment. I think in American culture we tend to lose the relational aspect of food because we are always rushing around and trying to do things as quickly as possible. Cooking is something that takes time and patience. The rewards of your efforts are evidenced in the smell of a cake or that garlic dish you love to make, but also in the smiles that fresh cookies or a birthday cake bring to people.  

I often times wish that dinner took longer because that is where the best conversations can take place. While I may not want to be cooking for forever, there are also plenty of conversations that occur over a pot of boiling noodles or a bowl of cookie dough. In fact one of my favorite meals I’ve ever had occurred when I was treated to a special dinner at The Melting Pot. While most people consider fondu to just be an appetizer or dessert, it is so much more. You actually cook you own dinner right there at table and it takes a few hours to finish everything. It’s one the greatest experiences ever.

There are lots of other wonderful memories of cooking that I could share. Learning how to make banana bread (mashing the bananas is my favorite part), or taking a class and perfecting a bunny cake. I also look at times when my niece helped make cookies or the Pittman kids making christmas ornaments with me. These are only a few of my memories and I hope that I have many more to come one day when I get to teach someone else how to make creme brulee or pull fresh cinnamon rolls out of the oven or even the next birthday when I get to make another cake.

So enjoy the recipes and have fun eating and sharing anything you might try to make, but most of all learn to enjoy the time and memories that can come from the kitchen.


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  1. Cindy Marshall

    Way to go. I like your thoughts on the subject. How cool is it that the 2 Marshall girls launch a blog on the same day!!

    Some of my most favorite memories are when you would come home after school or work and sit and talk to me while I cooked. We had some of our best conversations with you at the bar and me at the stove.

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